Hazard assessment

A hazard is defined as “a potentially damaging physical event, phenomenon or human activity that may cause the loss of life or injury, property damage, social and economic disruption or environmental degradation”. This event has a probability of occurrence within a specified period of time and within a given area, and has a given intensity. The aim of a hazard assessment is to identify the various types of hazards that may threaten a territory, and to partition the landscape in zones which are characterized by different expected intensities and frequencies of hazardous processes. In a hazard assessment several aspects should be evaluated: the triggering event, the areas where hazards are likely to initiate, the areas where the hazards are likely to spread, the expected intensity of the hazard and its associated frequency or probability of occurrence.

In this web-atlas we have analyzed a number of natural hazards that may occur in Georgia. The method for collecting historical information and for generating the hazard maps can consulting by following the links below.